Not Enough Bookshelves: Countdown to Christmas No 4 – Anna and Etienne

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas No 4 – Anna and Etienne

Couple four are Anna and Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

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Well, I think you may all be sick of hearing me rave on and on about this book. Plus, Nomes wrote a rather fantastic guest post on why Anna and Etienne are so great together.

But all this swooning is with good reason.

This book is just perfect, PERFECT!

It’s definitely a re-reader and for me, it is a Christmas book, because – a) It makes me happy, which is always good at Christmas b) there are the most swoony scenes during the Christmas holidays.

Even though Anna and Etienne don’t spend Christmas together, I felt it was their emails and phone calls that really cemented there friendship.

And that’s reason 101 that I adore this book, because they are friends first.

So you may be wondering, if I have this level of LOVE going for Anna and Etienne, who can the other three couples possibly be? Stay tuned to find out, and if you haven’t, do go and enter the giveaway.


  1. i loved the Christmassy bit too. in fact, i reread portions of this last night.

    and swoon.

    i am getting so pumped about finding out about your top 3 couple picks! wahoo!



  2. I have just finished Anna and The French Kiss (A BIG THANK YOU for sending it to me) and I have to say I am in love.

    I have to agree that this would have to be at the top of couple list.


  3. Nomes – I know THAT book. I wish I could write something that lovely.

    I hope you like them, pretty sure you'll like No's 3 & 1 not sure about 2 🙂

    Nic – You are so welcome, thanks for reading and entering.

    A&E are perfect, except that I just saw their initials make the Accident and emergency abbreviation 🙂


  4. gah, i *need* to read this soon! can't wait for your top 3 either, i'll bet they'll be AMAZINGGGGGGG xD


  5. So much love for this book! I haven't read it yet >.> heh~~ I should really get on with that.

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
    New Meme: Third Sentence Thursday!


  6. Love love love them! I always love the friendship that turns into love, too!


  7. I'm reading Anna now and absolutely loving it!! Such a sweet, awesome book!


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