Not Enough Bookshelves: Countdown to Christmas No 5 Drea and Justin

Monday, 13 December 2010

Countdown to Christmas No 5 Drea and Justin

Couple five are the wonderful Drea and Justin, from Tara Kelly’s amazing debut novel, Harmonic Feedback.

Love this cover!

The title of this book, not to mention the cover, completely captured me. Then I read the first few pages and was hooked by Drea’s voice. I absolutely LOVE this book and I love Drea. I love how she sees the world and how passionate she is about music. Even though she’s convinced she’s different she’s so easy to relate.

And Justin definitely falls into the swoon-worthy category. A reformed bad-boy musician – there isn’t a surer way to my heart, except perhaps a reformed bad-boy welder – Justin is such a great character; strong, independent, trying hard to do the right thing and completely willing to accept Drea for who she is. I get swoony just thinking about him (I’m even willing to overlook the piercings).

Drea and Justin together are magic, they have conversations, they have fights, they learn to deal with each other and what makes the other tick. . .oh and of course they share some rather fabulous kisses.

So if I haven’t been clear enough I really do love this book. I’m so sad I haven’t seen it everywhere, so go buy it for Christmas or an end of year gift if Christmas is not your holiday.


  1. I don'tknow why but i was hesitant to try this but after reading this post (and being a sucker for reformed-bad-boy musicians… seriously the mere concept is swoonworthy) i am convinced i have to read this… SOON. haha thanks for sharing Alexa!


  2. THIS is the book I've had my sights set on from the start. It's funny how I've never bought a copy of it though. Or read it. :


  3. Audrey – No problem 🙂 I do hope you love it.

    Cass – LOL well buy yourself one for Christmas, it's definitely worth the read.


  4. I love Harmonic Feedback. This post makes me want to go and read it all over again 🙂


  5. oh – i love this books too – and you're right – it hasn;t been around as much as some other books that were released this year.

    i swooned over Justin as well – this has actually put me i the mood for a re-read 🙂


    btw, we read very similar books!



  6. Awww I love them as well! And I love this book; I need to re-read it. :')


  7. Um, ok, I HAVE to read this book now! Sounds amazing–totally have to meet this boy 🙂


  8. Nic – oh I'm glad you love it too.

    Nomes – I know and I'm not sure why because it's soooo good! I know it's why I always bump your recs to the top of my pile now 🙂

    A.J oh goodie another fan, nice to see more. I know I want o re-read now!

    Meredith – oh you must it's a beautiful book!


  9. It sounds really good and the love story seems just fabulous!


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