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Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Five

1) If you are a regular here you will know I have a huge readergirl/writergirl crush on Melina Marchetta. She is one of my favourite authors ever. I love all her books, but Saving Francesca and now The Piper’s Son have a special place in my heart.

Which makes me think I must have some seriously bad karma going on, because she is coming to Books of Wonder in New York City, along with the most amazing line up of YA authors (check out Maggie Stiefvaters blog for the list)

On the 19th March!!!

Which is 7 days after I leave the USA. I mean seriously world, seriously? You couldn’t have made it the 5th when I will actually be in New York City?

So sad.

But I would probably have gone all shy and babbled anyway, so may be it’s actually the world taking care of me 🙂

I wonder if Books of Wonder Ships Internationally?

2) It is finally Spring here. Which is wonderful, but also making me sad, as spring is my favourite season in DC. I can’t believe I won’t see the Cherry Blossoms this year.

3) Anyone watching Any Human Heart on Masterpiece. Not only does it star matthew Macfadyen, but even more excitingly (X-Files’s fans will understand the more excitingly) Gillian Anderson is playing Wallis Simpson in it.  Ah, I miss The X-Files.

4) My son got his first handmade Valentine from his girlfriend. I think I need to write a children’s book about them and have them go to all the places we love in DC and have adventures 🙂

5) Did anyone watch Jeopardy with the computer Watson playing? I had to check it out after reading Anna Jarzab’s blogs on the subject. It was freaky! Definitely a book in there somewhere 🙂 My favourite machine ever is the Robot (did it have a name?) in Lost in Space “Danger Will Robinson!”

Have great weekend everyone. Oh and Out of interest which authors would you take a five hour bus ride to see?


  1. That sucks you miss out on meeting Melina Marchetta. She is the one of the authors I would travel 5 hours to meet. Also Cath Crowley and Rachel Caine 🙂


  2. Oh man, definitely go 5 hours to meet Melina Marchetta, and I think I'll cry like a little girl when I meet her (lol, probs not but who knows? hehe) I'm in a MM withdrawl, she needs to release a new book soooon! 😉


  3. oh, that is SO SAD ABOUT mm AND YOU just MISSING OUT!

    good luck with all your moving back to the UK!



  4. I love the cherry blossoms. They are so beautiful. I love the idea of a book of your son and his girl running around DC.


  5. I'm so sorry you won't get to meet Melina Marchetta! And yes, you need to write a picture book about two little ones and their adventures in D.C. So cute! I love Maryland in the Spring. I miss it!

    I'd take a five hour bus ride and maybe hop The Pond and go back in time to see my favorite authors! Among those, I'd be especially interested in meeting Terry Pratchett (Pond-hopping), Jane Austen (Pond-hopping and time travel), and Charles Dickens (ditto). Don't get me wrong–I love American authors, too. Mark Twain (time travel)! Shannon Hale! Megan Turner! Kate DiCamillo!


  6. I love that children's book idea! Too cute! Have fun in your last days in D.C.!


  7. Nic – I know it really sucks! I don't know Rachel Caine I'll have to look her up.

    Audrey – yes I need a new book too, but ti will be ages seiing as we're only just getting The Piper's Son 🙂

    Nomes – I know it makes it worse that it's so close in time AND I will be in NY 2 weeks before 🙁 Thanks I really need to get packing but moaning about missing MM is distracting me!

    lotusgirl – They are so beautiful. I wish I could draw, it would be a lovely picture book.

    Kim – Thanks. And Marlyand is at it's best in Spring before the mozzies and humidity hit!

    I love all your authors.

    Meredith – Thanks. I will 🙂


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