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Friday, 21 October 2011

Strictly Jason

To celebrate Friday I thought I’d share my favourite (of this series) Strictly Come Dancing routine. If anyone reading is also a Strictly fan please wave your hand in the comments 🙂

Strictly is appointment tv in my house and this season is fabulous. It’s a great line up, and although I am loving Alex, Anita, Harry, Chelsee, Russel and (surprisingly) Robbie Savage, my heart (and vote) belongs to Jason Donovan.

I was totally in love with Jason when he first appeared on Neighbours, way back when. I saw him as Joseph in the West End, and even saw him live in concert. I adore him on Strictly. He’s so into it and last weeks performance was hysterical and brilliant, just watch it and see!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I love Strictly! And this routine was great, I laughed so much.


  2. Okay, I've never watched this (although, I listen to the BBC and they make jokes about it all the time on the comedy shows). That was hilarious. I think. Ummm…and kind of weird. Haha!


  3. My heart belongs to Jason as well — he'll always be the real Joseph to me!


  4. Rebecca – me too!

    Joelle – now Strictly is what ou should be watching not Doc Marin and the Archers!

    Amie – ah Jason, love him.


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